Zero Dollar Beauty

Zero Dollar Beauty

What is the value of beautiful?

They will make you think it’s priceless

The joke is on you

You can be beautiful and still be lifeless


Laugh out loud…stupid girl

You went and changed for nothing

Relaxed your hair, changed how you dress

Your need to please is disgusting


He still doesn’t like who you are

You still are not his type

You don’t even like who you are

You need validation to feel alright


He hates that you mismanage money

You lack focus and self esteem

He hates how emotional you are

How everything he does seems mean


He hates how you think, how you speak

And how you breath

The value of your beauty is steadily decreasing

You should probably leave


Other people tell you you’re pretty

Now you don’t know how to react

You think if they got to know the real you

They’d probably take it back


Beauty means nothing

It has zero value in this life

It’s the least important trait needed to be a good wife

It’s the least important thing needed to have a meaningful life.

-Damonique Wright 2018

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